Get your message across effectively with dynamic, high-resolution Digital Reader Boards

Digital Reader Boards

KIO Digital Signage makes sharing your message a quick and easy process.

We have great expertise in designing Electronic Signs for Businesses, including Reader Board Signs, Digital Announcement Boards, and other types of Digital Boards. Our team of professional graphic designers and content managers use advanced Digital Bulletin Board Software in helping you create striking Electronic Reader Boards that grab attention and send your message to your audience.

Hotels use KIO Digital Signage to effectively share their message with guests. Digital Display Boards can:

  • Increase Guest On Property Time
  • Sell Upgraded Rooms
  • Increase Guest Loyalty
  • Sell Event Space
  • Reduce Paper Waste and Costs
  • Wayfinding

Hotels select KIO digital signage as their digital signage partner for a variety of reasons. A few of these are:

  • Our cloud-based system allows you to access your content from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Scheduled daypart allows you to program your message for playback at a specific time.
  • Easy-to-use system that can be used by computer users of all skill sets.
  • Scalable solution that is great for 1-zone or 1,000-zone applications.
  • Plug and play technology ready to use when it arrives at your business.
  • Store-forward solution that won’t slow down your internet and downloads content as needed.
  • Reliability anchored with 99.9% network up-time.
  • A green solution provided by a company committed to being responsible.
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Which Digital Reader Board Plan is Right For You?

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All Plans Include Unlimited Self Updates, a Personal Graphic Designer and Digital Signage Content Manager, Personal Support, Reliable Cloud Hosting, and Digital Media Board Software Updates.

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