To keep Digital Signage clients engaged with a Digital Signage system, it is imperative that your clients receive long term graphic design and content management support. Many Digital Signage dealers struggle to offer this support due the expensive investment that it takes to build this team. Many dealers feel it is more important to invest in their technology and sales teams. KIO digital signage understands this issue and solves this dilemma for many Digital Signage dealerships. Dealerships can partner with KIO digital signage, utilizing KIO's graphic design and content management team, only incurring a cost on the accounts KIO managers for them. This gives dealerships the opportunity to offer better customer service, while investing in their sales and technology teams.

Choose from the following Dealer Programs

Referral Program

Ideal for businesses that focus on other products but understand the benefits of Digital signage to their client's’ bottom line. We help you maintain your digital signage solution, so all you have to do is to make the sale. Once the sale is made, KIO gives you commission while taking full responsibility of the client for you. Everything from client imaging, drop shipping the media player, content creation, training, and unlimited sale support are provided. We cover invoicing and collections, too.

Reseller Program

A great choice for companies that wish to engage in an ongoing relationship with their digital signage customer. This is not your typical Digital signage reselling program, you are still responsible for sales, installation and monthly billing - but KIO will handle ongoing content creation and management. No more stock inventory since we ship preloaded media players straight to the customers at a moment’s notice.

White Label Program

If you’re already an existing digital signage dealership that is looking to expand your product offerings while enhancing customer satisfaction, look no further. With the White Label Program, our content management team will work with your Digital signage platform and create whatever content you require. We’re ready to be an extension of your team.

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